Automate Your Website File and MySQL Backups

Part 3 – Backing Up Your Files

If you were following along in part 2, you should have already created a folder on your web server for temporarily storing your file backups. If not, you will need to create the following folder:

Create a second cron job. Copy and paste the following code into the command box:

tar -cvzpf /home/CpanelUsername/backups/files/CpanelUsername-files-$(date --iso).tar.gz /home/CpanelUsername/public_html

Remember to change CpanelUsername for your specific situation. Schedule the job to run once per day. If you’ve scheduled your database backups for 3 AM, then 4 AM would probably be a good time for this job to run. If your public web folder (document root) is something other than public_html, then you will need to change the path to point to your public web folder.

This command will make a copy of everything in your public_html folder, archive it, compress it, and then store the compressed file in the files folder you created earlier. If there are other folders you would like to include in this archive, you can add the path to the end of this command like so:

tar -cvzpf /home/CpanelUsername/backups/files/CpanelUsername-files-$(date --iso).tar.gz /home/CpanelUsername/public_html /home/path-to-other-directory

That’s it for backing up your files. On the next page, I’ll show you how to use WinSCP to schedule daily retrievals of those backups and store them on your local PC.

Next page – Retrieving Your Backups.

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